Case: Industrial

There are several applications where the APID One can be of use, but here are a couple of examples:


Take power lines for an example. Getting up in the air and taking the shortcut over, rather than through dense forests and bushy terrain would save time, and as we all know: time is money.

Being able to lift a camera gimbal with thermal capabilities would enable the operator to see hot spots and potential faults along the grid.

A daytime camera, EO, would enable the operator to see trees that would blow down and cause problems during the next storm.


Some areas needs regular monitoring to see a change over time, or to see fluctuation that differs from the standard norm.

An example of that could be emissions from something like factories or ships. Places where there is an increased density of polluting sources.

Getting regular reports on the gas composition up in the air would give an indication on whats going on. And if an abnormality was to be found the source could be further investigated and pinpointed. 

In the summer of 2021 MainBase performed a power line inspection concept demonstration for Vattenfall, a Swedish state-owned and-, one of Europe’s largest producers of electricity and heat.

As aviation authorities like FAA and EASA gradually allow for new and safe RPAS flights beyond visual line of sight, an emerging global market for applications like surveillance, inspections, search & rescue and logistics becomes accessible.

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