Working towards the UN 2030 agenda

Case: Humanitarian

There are several applications where the APID One can be of use, see following examples:

Protecting wild life

With the ability to start vertically, the terrain won’t be an issue for the APID One when it takes of for the next patrol. Carrying a camera payload able to see through the darkness of night it will search the habitat for poachers without being seen.

Vaccine transport

It is impossible to put a price tag on life. However, if the amount of vaccine that gets destroyed by poor handling and inefficient transport could be reduced, even more people could get the help they need.

The APID One fitted with cold storage and temperature monitoring would reduce the amount of vaccine ruined by heat.

Medical transport

Other medical transport than vaccine could benefit from air transport as well.

Being able to carry medical supplies from A to B is a good thing. But if you could carry supplies back from B to A again, that would be even better.

The APID One could be that carrier. Bringing medical supplies to a remote position and taking test samples back for analysis.

Watch the Air Shuttle concept animation:

Watch the MAF video from the Bjärka Säby demo flight:

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