Case: Governmental

There are several applications where the APID One can be of use, but here are a few examples:

Law enforcement

Having a full size helicopter with crew just to get a birds view with a camera gimbal is hardly the most cost effective alternative. 

Especially considering that a lot of the cost is transport between bases.

With the APID One system you can get the same valuable basis for decision and support from the sky but at a reduced cost.

Fire fighting

As with law enforcement a good base for decision is key when it comes to fire fighting. Forest fires become more and more common with the increasing global temperature. With the help from the APID One, water bombing efforts could be more precise and you would also dare to fly into areas that regular aircraft deem to hazardous. 

Inspection of firebreaks in rough terrain would also be done quicker to see if any maintenance is required.


The APID One is truly versatile, both in that several different payloads can be integrated but also in the whole system design. 

Easy maintenance and the option for a small form factor Ground control station, GCS, makes for a system that can be handled in the field.

If the customer would want an addition to a forward operating base, there’s the option of our Mobile Operation center, M.O.C.

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