Demonstrating versatility

During 7 days MainBase performed three successful demonstrations of the new system for three separate parties, showing versatility, the flight team’s skill and the organizations flexibility and professionalism.

The latest edition of the APID One keeps all the original features that makes it great and ads numerous updates to increase the performance and reliability even further.


Vertical Take-Off and Landing, requires less ground space than fixed wing aircraft. Hovering capability increases precision in air drops and facilitates security clearance of the landing spot.


The APID One is a smaller aircraft but with a large capacity. It’s able to lift heavier cargo than most other RPAS and still have range and endurance like a full-sized helicopter.

Heavier payloads

Up to 75kg of fuel and payload makes the APID One a real work horse when it comes to transport.


The APID One is flexible in the way you set up the mission.

The ability to swap payloads to perform any task at hand and the ability to carry out intermediate missions during a standard route, like checking a road for damage after a flood or mudslide.

Operating cost

Endurance like a full sized helicopter and the ability to carry heavy payloads, but with a much smaller operational cost.  The APID One VTOL RPAS can be either purchased or leased by the operator.

Day / Night flight

Since the operator stays on ground there is a possibility to rotate shifts. Many pilot cameras also offer IR sensors which helps improve the night vision capabilities. Remotely piloted aircraft means no mission has to be cancelled due to pilot danger.


The APID One follows normal aircraft maintenace routines. – Daily checks – Pre-flight checks – Log-books for each aircraft etc. to ensure the safety of flight.  Aircraft fairings are also designed to be removable making it exceptionally easy to access the components inside.​

Quicker turn around

After manufacturing unmanned helicopter platforms in a basic design we have now developed a complete system consisting of a platform and different payload, data link and ground station options. This gives us the opportunity to better customize the systems to the needs of customers.

 The design behind the APID One is based on the concept of providing an aerial sensor system with excellent aerodynamic properties and superb adaptability to the unique needs of our clients. This carefully developed design makes it easier to quickly change sensor systems.

Thanks to the quick release design of the fairings the time for pre and post flight has been reduced. Thus decreasing the downtime. Making it easier for the flight engineer to perform the tasks that are involved in the operation and the line and base maintenance in-between, is in the end something that makes the whole system more cost effective.

Continuous Airworthiness

The longevity of our products are of utmost importance. Therefore the continuous airworthiness in a life cycle perspective is one of our top priorities. As a Type Certificate holder, TC-holder, MainBase offers not only the hardware required for flight but also the services required to keep the hardware up to standard with the EASA flight regulations in the civilian and military sector.

Technical and operational support

MainBase provides both remote and onsite technical and operational support depending on the customers needs.

Technical and operational training

In addition to the support, MainBase provides training for personell on all levels of the flight organisation.

Logistics and Parts Exchange

To increase system availability MainBase provides a part exchange system and on-site spare parts storage.

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