MainBase in short

MainBase has its roots in research performed at Linköping University in cooperation with the Swedish Defence research Agency. Nearly 30 years of development has accumulated into the APID One platform The core business consists of proprietary systems based on a high level of expertise and proficiency. We supply our systems directly to end users or to strategic partners.

MainBase develops and manufactures systems that enable clients to operate from the air without putting people at risk. Our VTOL RPAS (Vertical Take-off and Landing Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) consist of  remotely piloted helicopters, ground control stations, sensors and data links. The systems are modular platforms and are adapted to the specific needs of each client and can be used for civilian and military applications.

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RPAS reduces the risk of human error during flight operations in hazardous and monotonous conditions by moving the pilot to the safety of the ground and minimizing human interaction.

Why this size

RPAS systems with a MTOW of around 200 kg has the ability to lift heavy payloads at great range and still be transported by road. This removes the ferry flight and effectively close the gap between small RPAS systems and manned helicopters.


The VTOL ability significantly reduces infrastructure needed to operate the system. Additionally it provides the ability to hover at a fixed position in the air and manoeuvre the aircraft with great precision.

Why MainBase

MainBase provides both remote and on-site technical and operational support depending on the customers needs. Working with MainBase gives collaboration partners access to our extensive experience of operative  chievements; 

– We are pioneers in RPAS technology with many years of development experience. Our aviation competence is undisputed. All aviation flight and maintenance staff is EASA Certified Personnel with extensive education background. 

– We have collaborated with, and delivered products to, some of the world’s largest  system integration Groups. 

– We can offer a wide supply of RPAS-related goods and services catering to a large  field of customer needs. For example, we have the competence to help customers establish a full Flight and  maintenance. Organization offering our own Design Department services, Flight Operations, Service &  maintenance etc. in accordance with future regulatory requirements. 

– MainBase is a Swedish company with  suppliers in mainly Sweden and Europe, which sometimes facilitates the export process considerably. 

– We have extensive experience from conducting customer/end-user dialogues about their needs and our solutions. we believe that mutual understanding and close collaboration is the best way to design tailor-made system solutions to meet the customer’s expectations. 

– The MainBase Quality system is entirely based on the EASA airworthiness Regulation. The reason for this is our aim to become a certified aviation company according to a world standard in order to be allowed to fly in the civilian and military airspace.

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