Bjärka Säby Demoflight 2019

A short clip from our Demo Flight at Bjärka-Säby, Sweden, October 2019.

APID One Gamma ray sensor

MainBase and the APID One during a campaign with a gamma ray sensor as payload. 2019

APID One Aerial video

The APID One operating in the beautiful Swedish environment. 2019

APID One Roll Out

A video from the Roll Out in 2015 marking the switch to the new APID One generation from the previous APID 60. 

MainBase Heritage

Short video showcasing the heritage of MainBase. 2018

MainBase Condensed

A video showcasing some of the possibilities with the APID One. -2018

Ship Trials

A performed successful Ship Trials from HMS Karlstad, 2016, the Swedish Navy stealth corvette during the last week of April.

Apid 60

Demonstration flight for the Tunisian Customs in Hultsfred, November 2016

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